" Looking at a genuine high-quality and extremely elegant option for your gala or ball, the "Viennese Classic" theme has outstanding proven satisfaction records."

Viennese Classic Gala Entertainment

Viennese Classic Gala Entertainment perfectly describes one of the best booked themes for private Galas, Balls and Concerts by waltz in vienna Cultural Services. We have put together an unmatchable selection of "Salon Music" from the 18th, 19th and 20th century of Viennese Composers, including Bel-Canto and Operetta Arias, as well as amazing Viennese Waltz and gracious Ballet performances in order to create a fairy-tale evening, genuinely reflecting the local culture for fine arts and music.
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Tailored Premium Entertainment

The division Cultural Services by waltz in vienna is the specialist in arranging tailored entertainment services for premium Galas, Balls and Events in Vienna. Our culture-services team will be pleased to personally discuss your needs and demands and create a tailor-made evening entertainment with performances by The Chamber Orchestra by waltz in vienna, Waltz dancers and artists.
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The Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra by waltz in vienna genuinely reflects a Salon Orchestra, which was widely used for private occasions at noble family homes, so called Palais, in the past centuries. Following that tradition and considering that corporate galas, balls or concerts are nowadays still held at exactly those festive halls, we have focused on various orchestra casts, perfectly fitting the available space and yet creating the most genuine Viennese Classic Gala Entertainment.
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Bel-Canto & Operetta

A remarkable musical performance by our Chamber Orchestra for your gala would wonderfully be rounded up, by additionally arranging a Bel-Canto and Operetta performance. Mainly arranged during the gala as a highlight, the artists are performing hand-selected arias from the most magic Operas and Operettas Austrian Composers have created in the past 3 centuries. A pure and unforgettable part of the Viennese Classic Gala Entertainment.

Original Waltz

The Original Viennese Waltz has been influencing Viennese Social Events, Galas and Balls for more than 200 years now and is probably the most important and genuine living cultural heritage, one can still experience in the city of music nowadays. As being the premium organizer for cultural entertainment for corporate and leisure events in the city, waltz in vienna created some of the most fascinating Waltz performances in Europe and combining them with the Original Viennese Waltz Soiree, your guests have the opportunity to actively exploring the magic of this dance.
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Ballet Performances

Ballet performances by waltz in vienna significate the most elegant way of dance performances for your gala, ball or concert and magically transform the banqueting hall into an opera stage. Accompanied by The Chamber Orchestra by waltz in vienna, the ballerinas and ballerinos add a glamorous performance to the evening, wonderfully representing movements inspired by the Viennese Classic.
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Ballroom Outfits

waltz in vienna is the specialist in premium cultural services and events in Vienna and internationally known for its uncompromising attitude regarding elegant and glamorous outfits. All Viennese Classic gala entertainment outfits are hand-sewn and reflect different epochs of the Viennese Culture of the past three centuries. As organizer, you would be able to choose between re-tailored original Empress dresses from the Austro-Hungarian court of the 18th or 19th century, or various more contemporary grand ballroom outfits.

Classic Repertoire

The Viennese Classic gala entertainment repertoire was carefully selected in order to meet the demands of international organizers and guests nowadays, without changing the original character of the musical masterpieces. All reflecting a genuine heritage and written by Austrian Composers of the past 3 centuries, The Chamber Orchestra by waltz in vienna will make sure that your guests are exploring a high-quality dinner music and memory-lasting Original Viennese Waltz and Ballet, as well as Bel-canto and Operetta performances.

Vienna & Beyond

waltz in vienna is internationally known not only for performing a genuine Viennese cultural heritage in the most elegant and premium way in vienna, but also nationally or internationally. Upon request, our orchestra and artists would be delighted to travel the world and transform an international gala into a Viennese private ball at its finest. To round up the experience, our division Imperial Events also frequently arranges private Viennese Classic Concerts internationally upon request.
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The Chamber Orchestra by waltz in vienna, Vienna Premium Gala Entertainment
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