"The Studio was magnificent and our instructor couldn't have been better. He was charming, patient, a beautiful dancer and very well-versed in Viennese ballroom culture."

The Private Dance Academies by waltz in vienna

The Private Dance Academies by waltz in vienna are Viennese Dance Schools specifically designed to arrange the most sophisticated Waltz Classes, Waltz Courses and Private Waltz Tuition options in Vienna. Located in hand-selected Palace venues with very good accessibly in Vienna city centre, our team of dance instructors is looking forward to introducing Vienna's most important cultural heritage to you. All Waltz Classes at our Dance Schools are held in English and German language as language of instruction.

Do not miss the opportunity of waltzing in a palace room, enjoying a glass of Champagne and listen to live recorded Waltz music by Johann Strauss, specifically arranged and recorded for these Waltz classes.
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Premium Waltz Experiences

Uncompromising quality in instruction, hand-selected Palace venues decorated with attention to detail, only the most outstanding instructors and a completely new approach to teaching the Original Viennese Waltz are the key ingredients for the success of The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna. Furthermore, we believe that only concentrating on your skills and passion makes you a specialist in something. And that is why our concept is purely based on the Viennese Waltz and the Grand European Ballroom Heritage.

Unique Waltz Tuition

The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna is mainly focusing on the genuine ballroom heritage in Austria and thus specialized on the Viennese Waltz. It has had a major impact on the local traditions and social life in the past 200 years and thus reflects the Viennese identity at its best.

Cultural Link

We are always trying to offer an insight into the local culture of the destination with our concepts and academies. However, and since we also cater to the local community, there might be Period Courses, that are specializing on the ballroom tradition of other regions in the world.

Exclusive Venues

The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna are always located in elegant venues, that truly reflect the tradition and heritage of the destination. We believe that it is key to exploring a destination and culture through an interactive event and the supporting venue.

Added Values

Arranging a course or Waltz tuition in a magnificent place with the best trained staff is sometimes not enough for providing an unforgettable experience, thus we created some exciting "Travel Light"- packages and added values for you. Please consult the booking section for more details.

Multi-lingual Team

The team at The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna are industry professionals that understand the local heritage and importance of it for the Original Viennese Waltz. We deeply believe that understanding a culture is key to success in understanding their dance culture as part of the nation's identity. Therefore a Vienna-based multi-lingual instructor team is awaiting you to introduce our traditions to you.

Year-round Events

Apart from the winterly Ball-season, waltz in vienna has established year-round Waltz Classes due to Spring and Summer Balls & Galas are becoming more important.