"The Studio was magnificent and our instructor couldn't have been better. He was charming, patient, a beautiful dancer and very well-versed in Viennese ballroom culture."
The Private Dance Academies by waltz in vienna is a premium brand by waltz in vienna operating unique interactive Waltz events for groups of 20+ guests. Originally offering some smaller group-services in our very own 17th and 19th century palaces in Vienna city centre, we have been more and more specialising on groups and larger events to offer our services to.

Our Waltz concepts include interactive coffee or meeting break options, river cruise onboard programs, entertainment options for events & galas and group Waltz events (Matinees as day programs & Soirees as evening programs) for international groups.

All programs are easy-to-understand, held in German or English language and most suitable for busy event or travel schedules. Therefore, we are proud to arrange several hundred events per year for the most successful corporations, event agencies, hotel groups and river cruise or tour operator companies in the entire Central European region.

Unique Waltz Tuition

We operate several event and entertainment concepts around the theme Original Viennese Waltz. All programs include this core tradition and offer additional, easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement, flexible services.

Cultural Link

We believe in proving only the best services, showcasing the most important local traditions create the most memorable experience. It is our goal to spread the magic of our heritage around the world by satisfied guests.

Exclusive Venues

The Central European Region offers one of the most stunning amount of imperial palaces, monasteries, castles, theatres and opera houses. We have been establishing long-lasting cooperations in the past 7 years in order to offer impressive services. Furthermore, we arrange programs for River Cruise corporations, hotels and event venues.

Going the Extra Step

We love to go the extra step for a successful event or group experience and therefore our resident artists, dancers, singers, event managers, tourism professionals, choreographers and composers are working hard to offer once of a life-time quality event to our clients.

Multi-lingual Team

The team at The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna are industry professionals that understand the local heritage and importance of it for the Original Viennese Waltz. We deeply believe that understanding a culture is key to success in understanding their dance culture as part of the nation's identity. Therefore a Vienna-based multi-lingual instructor team is awaiting you to introduce our traditions to you.

Year-round Events

Apart from the winterly Ball-season, waltz in vienna has established year-round group Waltz events for our clients around the world.