"We were in Vienna for one of the balls and none in our group knew how to waltz. This was a perfect way to learn how to dance right before the ball."
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Vienna’s Ball Season

The Vienna Ball Season is a set of individual Gala and Dance events in the winter months between November and March each year and taking place in the most glamorous Palaces in the city. This period of the year is probably the most magic one and the entire city of Vienna is transforming into an enormous ballroom dancing to the famous Waltzes of Johann Strauss.

Do not miss out the Vienna Ball Season 2017 and make sure to properly prepare for your night's Waltz at our Dance Academies .

Why attending a Ball in Vienna?

Vienna's most important cultural heritages are the Original Viennese Waltz and the winterly ball season. These sets of events have been influencing the social and political life in the city for centuries and are still firmly fixed in the live of the locals nowadays. And since the Viennese Balls are quite entertaining and dancing the Original Waltz and Midnight Quadrille is quite a bit of fun, these events perfectly showcase a local heritage and offer a deep insight into the Viennese culture as no other event of the year does - apart from the New Year's Concert, maybe.
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Which Ball to attend?

Well, there are different traditions and everybody, depending on the profession or family background is attending a different ball. Additionally, most of the Austrian associations and institutions are arranging their own Viennese Ball, which leaves you with a wide range of choices, from the famous Vienna Opera Ball, to the Ball of the Philharmonics or the rather touristy New Year's Ball at the Imperial Palace.

We recommend to simply chose one Viennese Ball, prepare for it at our Dance Schools and enjoy being the star for an evening.
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How to prepare?

Since a Ball in Vienna is a quite traditional series of events, we highly recommend preparing with one of our Ballroom Dance Classes or a Private Waltz Tuition prior to the event. Our Vienna-based instructors will support you not only in improving your dance style, body-posture and dance-hold, but also train you on the most important do's and don'ts and introduce the Viennese Ballroom Etiquette to you.

We invite you to have look at our offers and are looking forward hearing from you.

Why waltz in vienna?

The Private Dance Academies by waltz in vienna are dance schools specialised on the Original Viennese Waltz and the grand ballroom etiquette. Since these local traditions are that important to the city and the locals, we have created a set of ballroom dance courses and Waltz lessons in city-centre Palace venues that take you on a journey of exploring that 200-year old heritage in English speaking interactive and entertaining classes throughout the year.

We showcase an authentic local heritage in order to protect traditions for future generations.

What about summer?

If you are traveling to the city during the sunnier spring or summer months, there are more and more events going on where you would have the chance of actively exploring a ballroom tradition and dancing the Waltz.

However since there are not every day Balls and Galas taking place such in winter, we have prepared a series of Waltz Matinees and Waltz Classes to explore the living-cultural-heritage and core aspect of every Ball, the Original Viennese Waltz. Our multi-lingual team is looking forward to welcoming you at our 19th century boutique ballroom academy.
© The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna_Vienna Ball Season with waltz in vienna
© The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna_Vienna Ball Season with waltz in vienna
© The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna_Vienna Ball Season with waltz in vienna