"Excellent teacher who was kindly, patient and very generous with his compliments! We made quite a lot of progress in the one hour lesson. Really enjoyed our time. Thank you." Caroline R.
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Vienna’s most important cultural heritage

The Original Viennese Waltz is Vienna's most important tradition that can still be explored interactively today. The Waltz dance is not just showcasing a long-lasting heritage, but rather a living social tradition that has been celebrated for more than 200 years now. In order to explore the Waltz in the most authentic way, The Private Dance Academies by waltz in vienna have created memory-lasting Vienna dance courses and Waltz Tuition options for individual guests, couples, friends & families and groups in city-centre Palace rooms.

Do not miss this opportunity to experience this bespoke cultural tradition on your own while in Vienna and secure - not only during the winterly Ball Season - your time slot today with our easy-to-use and secure online-booking tool.
Daily Waltz Classes at The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna are Waltz Courses in English or German, focusing on an authentic Viennese cultural heritage, the grand ballroom tradition and Ballroom Etiquette. Spend your time with an easy-to-understand and short active living-cultural-heritage experience and create a memorable Vienna Dance Courses and Waltz Tuition experience with all senses. For couples of all levels.
Private Tuition at The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna is a service that perfectly meets the individual needs & demands of guests looking for a privatized and exclusive activity. The Waltz Tuition is available in different languages and utmost flexible in timing and length. Perfectly suitable for individual guests, couples and friends & families traveling together. The tuition will be tailored according to your needs and level of knowledge.
Waltz Group Offers at The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna are genuine Vienna Dance Course and Waltz Tuition experiences for groups of 20+ guests. The classes will be held in the private Ballrooms of the most stunning Viennese Palaces and are designed to be easily incorporated into busy travel schedules and city tours. Several different high-quality products are available in different languages and highly flexible in timing.