"In a one hour introduction we learned so much about the history, heritage, current usage of the Waltz, and we learned how to dance the waltz. Genuinely an unforgettable experience."
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Authentic Vienna

All waltz in vienna private dance academy venues are located in wonderful city-centre Vienna Palaces with very good access to public transportation and en-route to most tourism paths trough the city. Furthermore the venues are located in direct neighbourhood to most major hotels, concert halls and monuments.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish the most prestigious dance academy in Vienna and assure that only the most genuine cultural traditions are incorporated into programs that are easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement into travel schedules. Moreover these services are delivered by hand-selected and the best trained instructors in the most stunning Palais venues suitable for Ballroom services in the city.

Our Staff

Identifying the most suitable personal who underwent a dance instruction education is not enough for waltz in vienna. Our staff is furthermore trained in five star hospitality service, understanding and communication to deliver the service our guests expect from an international luxury tourism business. Moreover all instructors need to have a high educational qualification and undergo frequent language trainings by the most renown institutes in the city.

Our Venues

All venues identified as suitable for providing our high quality services in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Salzburg underwent a security and safety check and needed to reflect the grand tradition of the famous Austrian Ballroom and Waltz heritage. Therefore we solely use 19th century Palais Venues with wonderfully equipped Boutique styled ballrooms and Lounges.

Our Values

Providing a high-quality dance performance and instructor services is not enough for waltz in vienna. Therefore, we have identified the following venues as core values of The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna.
  • Authenticity
  • Personalized Service
  • Five Star Experience
  • Sustainability
  • Organic Products
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Our Services

All Services, Waltz classes and tuition are designed to let our international and local guests dive into a genuine local ballroom experience and actively experience these classes with all senses. Additionally to that we closely collaborate with our other divisions and enrich, for example, an Original Viennese Waltz Matinee with a live chamber music option or professional competition dance couples performing a short show for your group.