"In a one hour introduction we learned so much about the history, heritage, current usage of the Waltz, and we learned how to dance the waltz. Genuinely an unforgettable experience."
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Authentic Tradition

waltz in vienna operates the most well known Waltz events in the Central European region and dedicated to an exquisite service quality. All events are arranged by our event managers and lead only by the most suitable dance professionals. According to our client's demands, the Waltz dancers are accompanied by our live chamber ensemble.
The brand The Private Dance Academy by waltz in vienna is furthermore wonderfully showcasing our heritage of formerly operating two 17th and 19th century palace venues.
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to arrange Central Europe's most genuine Waltz Events and operate programs that are easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement into travel or river cruise programs. Moreover these services are delivered by hand-selected Waltz dancers in traditional grand evening gown and white tie.

Our Staff

We believe that the perfect staff for an entertaining event or social program is someone who understands the expectations of the guests, the demands of the clients and the importance of a genuine local experience. That is the reason why we are extremely dedicated to personal dedication and attention to detail.

Our Venues

The Central European Region and Vienna in particular is well known for it's wonderful palaces, castles and event venues. We frequently arrange our Waltz events in the most prestigious venues and would be pleased to support you in finding the most suitable venue. For river cruises, programs can be easily arranged aboard your vessel.

Our Values

As the leading provider of luxury event services in the region, we strongly believe in our core values.
  • Quality & Tradition
  • Experience & Interactivity
  • Tourism & MICE Expertise
  • Communications & Culture Professionals
  • Independent & Non-State Subsidized
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Our Services

All services are designed to be inviting to as many guest from around the world as possible. Considering the cultural diversity of our clients, we put greatest care into training our staff in cross-cultural-understanding, service quality and personal attention while entertaining our guests.