"Exploring the local culture and tradition through magic interactive programs in up to 20 different languages."

Premium Day Programs

Organizing a proper day program during a stressful meeting and congress time is probably the most difficult thing to plan for an international agency. Especially if you are looking for a genuine local experience, that has a fair amount of interactivity and is not meeting the mainstream programs, normally offered. This is exactly why our worldwide clients love our programs. Ask for your quote today, we are here for you.
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Viennese Waltz

For centuries the Original Viennese Waltz has been a fundamental part of our social life in Vienna, resulting in celebrating this genuine living heritage during glamorous festivities, events and balls. In order to offer a short, easy-to-understand and entertaining social activity for your group, we are offering tailored Waltz Experiences in the most stunning Palais venues in the city.

Concert & Tea

If you are looking for a short and entertaining, yet lucullan day activity during your congress, meeting or event days or simply as a local experience for your leisure group, we created a Viennese Classic Afternoon Tea in the most renown and exclusive Palais, Cafès and Hotels in the city, offering Operetta & Ballet Performances, accompanied by the Chamber Ensemble by waltz in vienna.

Traditional Vienna

Vienna is not only known for its fine arts of classic music and dance, the city furthermore offers something called "Wiener Lied" or "Heurigen Enterainment". Normally performed during a Wine Tavern evening, we have created a premium version of this heritage, that reflects a century-old tradition.
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Imperial Events by waltz in vienna_Traditional Viennese Day Entertainment_ Premium Vienna Experiences
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Vienna & Beyond

Focusing purely on Vienna for your day program would be a pity, since the surrounding area between the wonderful Danube-Wachau valley with its medieval town of Duernstein or the woodlands of eastern Austria with its impressive town of Hainburg has so much more to explore. We have put together a wonderful selection of monasteries and castles perfectly accessible by river vessel or bus and most suitable for your private group day entertainment. In case you would be looking at Western Austria - Salzburg or Tyrol - several offers are waiting to be explored by you there as well.